The Inspired Entrepreneur’s Guide Podcast launched in 2016. The podcast was inspired by my e-book of the same name, “The Inspired Entrepreneur’s Guide: A Guide to Living and Growing Successfully

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coverforwebAbout the e-book: You’ve always dreamed of starting a business or breaking out of the mold you’ve been stuck in for years. Something keeps stopping you. Perhaps you’re scared, have a lack of self confidence or maybe you just don’t know what you want to do with the rest of your life.

First, let me tell you that is okay.

Second, you can do whatever you put your mind to, no matter how cliché it sounds. It’s true.

The biggest first hurdle to conquer is you! 
Get out of your own way, darn it!
If that seems hard, I am here to help you.

Inner strength, passion, and motivation are all attributes you need when starting a business. The Inspired Entrepreneur’s Guide helps you gain self confidence, uncover your true passions, and helps you to harvest the inner power needed to start your business.

I felt this eBook provided information and questions to trigger good introspective dialogue with myself.  It provided very positive, encouraging, and motivating exercises that made me think about where I was at and where I wanted to go. This book used a very positive approach, which I enjoyed. ” – Debra McGill



– Be the Goal, Not the Goalie – A goal setting exercise that helps you take small steps toward one (or more) ultimate end goals.
– Do What You Love, Love What you Do – Helps you uncover your true passion.
– Good-bye Gunk, Hello Spunk – Guides you to wash away all the negative feelings and bring forth a place of happiness that soothes your inner well-being.
– Plus, four more awesomely inspiring exercises!

“I found Darlene’s book to be the correct balance of enough chapters and/or exercises to be a challenge but not so long that I worried about not being able to get through it all. The Facebook group was helpful and friendly although maybe a few more participants would have made for a livelier discussion. Overall I think it was a very positive experience that I enjoyed working through and would recommend to friends/colleagues who were looking for help and inspiration. ” Alison Sackett

The guide is a PDF digital download complete with form text fields. This means, you can get instant access to the workbook, read it, and start journaling! No muss, no fuss.

I make it super easy for you to become inspired
by the most important person in your life … you!

You can also print the guide if you prefer completing the exercises when away from the computer.

Readers agree, The Inspired Entrepreneur’s Guide is inspirational, uplifting, and practical for both new and veteran entrepreneurs alike. Imagine your own experiences reading The Inspired Entrepreneur’s Guide to be like one of these:

“I’ve been working as a VA for 9 years but my business has always lacked passion, direction and inspiration.  Darlene’s book has helped me refocus my attention on the things I enjoy doing and giving me some great ideas, goals and action items to help me move closer to success.” – Jenifer De La Garza


“Your book was filled with fantastic exercises worth sitting down with and taking the time out to do. The book combines exercises for practical needs (like setting goals) as well as those to keep us positive and inspired (like remembering what makes us smile). It gets us thinking outside of the normal to-dos and exercises of running a business and focusing on what makes us want to be in business in the first place and stay in business. Thank you. It was a wonderful experience and focus.” – Vanessa Assaro-Aluisa

It’s time to stop dreaming and start doing!

You deserve it.